Daily Post. 21. Sorbonne Nouvelle.

So, this is the University of the New Sorbonne Paris3. It is the third or six universities, hence the 3. This new identity is a much welcomed change from it's original identity(i chose not to display it for a reason). The identity has been greatly improved but it is still lacking solidity and originality. The typeface choice is a nice selection, echoing its longer history. But the colors and the abstract shape are a welcomed sight, but could have been pushed, like everything else about this branding. The abstract shape representing multiple ideas. But the shapes are a little awkward, almost razor-like. Some of the shapes get a little too tiny, along with the top and bottom text. When it sizes down, they alter the sizing of the smaller text so it still comprehendible, but in true good design, that should not have to happen. The branding feels safe, it doesn't feel like it was pushed far enough, but it sure is a welcomed sight from its original branding.


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