Daily Post. 16. Experimentation. Part Trios.

So these past two posts have all lead up to part of what I am planning on focusing on this coming semester. Experimentation. Experimentation of different styles of design. I am someone who is absolutely in love with the world of good design, but doesn't fully know where my heart truly lies. Is it with modernism? Postmodernism? Minimalism? Is it highly inspired by 80's design? Is is very old-world inspired?

I honestly can't fully answer that right now.

But, that is partly why I am here, going to this amazing(yet mentally insane) school. Trying to figure this and pretty much everything else out. How to create successful websites, print spreads, etc.

One area that I really want to focus on is my style. I plan on get my taste buds watering over a platter of many different styles of design to see which styles tickle my fancy over other styles. I also plan on changing the scheme of my blog to match the style of design I am playing with at the time. Alllll of this in hopes of me finding a more definite personal way in the design world.

Right now, my latest intrigue is 1908's style. Geometric shapes and bright colors. I always say that I love geometric shapes(which I whole-heartedly do) but they very seldom show up in my work. I plan on playing around with this more in the coming weeks. I will updating the blog in the next few days to be an explosion of 80's. Think you can handle?

Here's to a brand new start in the spring semester!

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