Daily Post. 14. City of Melbourne. Part Un.

Hmmm, where did the past two weeks go? Busy slash a case of the lazies. I'm back with two new identities that I love. Both inspired by 1980's goodness. This is the first of a three post series. This first one is for the City of Melbourne.

This was the old identity. Nothing absolutely amazing, and yet nothing absolutely amazing. The colors are boring, a medium gray and yellow. Plus there is just too much going on within this. "city of Melboyrne" plus their logo/branding column, leaf, sun thing was just too much.

Their new branding is so very much better in sooooo many ways. Here are a few links to more information about this identity. Overall the new identity is much better. It has been simplified down to "City of Melbourne" and a multipurpose capital letter "M". In the links above they have all different iterations of how the M can and will be used throughout the city, television, and print media. Everything down to even the tickets the police give out were updated to help bring the city of Melbourne to year 2010. It's very modern and up-to-date compared to their old identity.

The use of not only the M but the grid of triangles it sits on(and is made up of) throughout print media is very nice. The incorporation of the triangles add another layer to help boost imagery to bring it up-to-date with the rest. Something so simple as multi-colored triangles.


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  1. I was reading backwards through your posts. I was thinking to myself, I hope I can find that mark....and you found it: City of Melbourne logo. great dimensional letterform!!!! You will do this kind of work too, I know it!