VISCOM1; Line Book; Sequential Process

The hand-generated curved line studies were a very difficult process for me grasp well. Even once I was ready to turn them back over to the computer, I realized I still have much refinement to make to my line quality. Hand generating these lines first really did help me understand these line studies better. Made me realize why the line studies worked the way they did, from the angle of the curve, to how big it was. Even a very slight angle change could make a generated line study match or not match a photograph successfully.

Also, it is not possible to get very nice, controlled, curved lines from a computer generated image. Computers are not sophisticated enough(yet anyways) to be able to handle such delicate tasks, it is too clunky. That is where the hand and eye come into play to create the perfect curve. Once the curve is created by the hand on paper with pencil, it can then be put into the computer to be digitally reproduced. However, it will still be drawn by hand, just through the computer.

Line control with my pencil is a very hard thing to grasp. I am a sketcher, my lines have nice curve quality to them, but I need to work on my line quality more, even after this exercise. This has started me on the right path, but more work really needs to happen.

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