CD&F; October 11-17

This week has been a week about wrapping up the extruded letterforms. We had photographs of our letters(or numbers) due wednesday trying to show four of the six contrasting elements in our forms. It was much harder than it sounded. Even after our second wave of critiques, I still have to go back a third time to reshoot photos to properly finish this assignment. My form, while being very dimensional and having manyyy possibilities, is still rather limited. The way I constructed this was a horrendous idea and it does not have the full range of motion that it has the capabilities to. Even after that fact, though yes it makes my job harder, it makes me become more creative and figure out ways to fulfill the assignment. It makes me have to work through situations differently than how I could if my project was up to my usual standards in craft. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but this only makes em want to be even more creative in how I finish everything.

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